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To find practical and healthy pathways to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest, we need real-world examples from a range of countries, cities, organisations and people from diverse backgrounds.

We are looking for evaluations of implemented actions that cutemissions and also benefit health and wellbeing. Potential impacts on health can also include risk factors, such as changes in air pollution, diets or exposure to extreme temperatures. Both successes and failures, as well as published and unpublished examples are invited.

Evidence can include actions taken by the public and private sectors, civil society and not-for-profit organisations. Actions can come from any sector, including energy, transport, agriculture and land use, oceans, industry, human settlements, health care, and education, and from nature-based solutions like conservation and restoration.

We also welcome evidence of cross-sectoral or systemwide implemented actions, including actions at the nexus between mitigation and adaptation.

You can submit your evidence by filling out an online form and providing further information.

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