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Finding the best evidence for what works to achieve a healthy net-zero future

Novel technologies and policies

That support zero-carbon initiatives and projects

Leading to human health benefits

The Pathfinder Initiative is bringing together evidence on climate mitigation actions with the largest potential health benefits across sectors. Our evidence bank also highlights case studies of implemented solutions with measured climate and health benefits.

Ntakata Mountains Forest Protection Programme

The Ntakata Mountains project protects around 216,000 ha of woodland in Western Tanzania and is improving the livelihoods of approximately 38,000 local people through carbon credits.

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Air quality

Developing sustainable urban transport in New Taipei

New Taipei, the most populous city in Taiwan, has introduced several actions to promote the use of public transport and active travel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from the transport sector.

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Victorian Healthy Homes Program

The Victorian Healthy Homes Program was a randomised controlled trial that assessed the impact of a home energy upgrade on temperature, energy use, health and quality of life.

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Sustainable school meals in Sweden

A small-scale trial intervention aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of school meals, while keeping the meals as similar as possible to those usually served and ensuring their nutritional adequacy and affordability.

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Physical activity

More Bikes, Less Emissions

In 2009, Buenos Aires introduced the “More Bikes, Less Emissions” programme and implemented a bicycle sharing scheme and created a 286 km long

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Coalition on Climate Action for Health

The Coalition on Climate Action for Health is a global community of committed partners, from all sectors of society, working together to accelerate the transition to a healthy, sustainable future for all.